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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lying girl gets boy killed in my city...

Lying girl gets boy killed in my city : TheRedPill

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Police tell FOX 26 reporter John Donnelly that the father was notified that there was someone in his daughter's bedroom by one of his other children.
The father then went into the girl's bedroom and discovered the 17 year old male in bed with his 16 year old daughter. The daughter denied knowing who the boy was.
A confrontation between the father and boy started. The boy apparently wasn't listening to the father's commands and reached for something. It ended with 17 year old being shot and killed at the scene.
The 16 year old girl later admitted to investigators that she did know the boy and had let him into the home.
You know maybe he should have listened to the fathers orders, but jesus christ maybe throwing in that small bit of information that you know the guy would have stopped him from losing his life. Absolutely sickening. But you know since she's daddy's little girl, it's probably going to be ok.

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