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Friday, September 20, 2019

Facebook Walks Into Legal Trap After Claiming To Be 'Publisher' In Laura Loomer Lawsuit...WILL JUSTICE& EQUALITY WIN ?


Facebook Walks Into Legal Trap After Claiming To Be 'Publisher' In Laura Loomer Lawsuit

Facebook may have just stepped on a legal landmine amid an ongoing battle with journalist Laura Loomer - after the Silicon Valley giant claimed in a motion to dismiss Loomer's lawsuit that it can bar the political activist under their rights as a publisher, according to RT
Notably, Facebook has long defined itself as a tech company which simply provides a platform for users' free speech - maintaining that they're a neutral party which is protected from legal repercussions. 
"Under well-established law, neither Facebook nor any other publisher can be liable for failing to publish someone else’s message," reads the company's motion to dismiss Loomer's defamation lawsuit - adding that terms like "dangerous" or "promoting hate" cannot be factually verified, and are therefore protected opinions for a publisher according to the report. That said, the company claims it never applied either term to Loomer despite banning her under their "dangerous individuals" policy. 

The company may have just stepped on a landmine, however. As RT notes: 
Defining itself as a publisher opens Facebook up to lawsuits for defamation and other liability for the content users publish, something they were previously immunized against. All the lies, personal attacks, and smears launched by users going forward can now be laid at Facebook’s feet. That’s a Pandora’s box they might not want to open, legal analyst and radio host Lionel told RT.
Platforms like Twitter, Google, and – until now, apparently – Facebook are protected from the legal consequences of their users’ speech by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Facebook even makes reference to section 230 later in its motion, suggesting that it is trying to have its cake and eat it too.
Lionel points out that Facebook could go back to life as a platformif it was willing to sacrifice its usefulness to those in power by allowing some political speech to reach users and blocking the rest. -RT
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Thursday, September 19, 2019

JUST THE START OF JUSTICE ??? JAIL! Barr Gets It Done,JAMES COMEY, Corrupt Obama-Era Official Referred For Criminal Prosecution


JAIL! Barr Gets It Done, Corrupt Obama-Era Official Referred For Criminal Prosecution

The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it will move forward with bringing criminal charges against arguably one of the most corrupt Obama-era officials who played a crucial role in the Trump-Russia investigation.
Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed on Wednesday that he referred fired FBI Director James Comey for criminal prosecution for leaking his classified memos to the media.
“We are required by the [Inspector General] Act to send information that we’ve identified that could plausibly be criminal to the Department of Justice,” Horowitz said.
The Washington Times reported:
The Justice Department ultimately decided not to prosecute Mr. Comey despite the conclusion by Mr. Horowitz’s team that he improperly leaked information to the news media. The documents leaked by Mr. Comey were sensitive but not classified.
Mr. Comey in May 2017 asked a law professor friend to share with The New York Times a memo detailing his conversations with President Trump to pressure the Justice Department to open an investigation of the president.
In a report released last month, Mr. Horowitz wrote that the former FBI director “set a dangerous example” when he shared the memos to push the Justice Department to act.
While testifying before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Horowitz previously stated under oath that Comey’s behavior was extremely concerning and grossly violated long-standing bureau policy.
“Our concern was empowering FBI directors or, frankly, any FBI employee with the authority to decide they are not going to follow established norms and procedures because, in their view, they’ve made a judgment that the individuals they are dealing with can’t be trusted,” he said.
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This revelation comes after U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu recommended to Attorney General William Barr that fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe be charged for lying to federal investigators and potentially illegally leaking information.
Federal prosecutors are not only looking into McCabe possibly illegally leaking sensitive information to the media, he is also reportedly being investigated for playing a role in the FBI’s handling of the Russia probe into Trump.
Investigators are still looking into whether he intentionally lied to investigators about improperly leaking sensitive information to the media a few weeks before the 2016 presidential election.
In October 2016, he allowed sensitive information downplaying the severity of the Clinton email scandal to be leaked to The Wall Street Journal.
McCabe was fired for his “lack of candor” and lying to investigators four times about leaking the information.
That’s not all.
McCabe also admitted earlier this year that he, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and other top FBI officials met in mid-2017 to discuss using the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office.
McCabe wrote in his new book that the meeting and conversation took place after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.
The 25th Amendment of the Constitution details a procedure where the vice president and a majority of Cabinet members vote to remove a sitting president from office if they deem them unfit to serve.
In Sept. 2018, it was reported that Rosenstein implied to McCabe and other senior officials that he wanted to secretly record conversations he was having with Trump.
Maybe McCabe will flip on other corrupt Obama-era officials to save himself from potentially going to prison.



Ingraham: The war against men

The effective Fed Funds rate is now a record 45bps above the IOER...CANARY FELL OVER , NEEDS MORE COWBELL.. LOL Fed Funds Prints 2.25%, Breaching Target Range, As IOER Spread Explodes


Fed Funds Prints 2.25%, Breaching Target Range, As IOER Spread Explodes

With the Fed's repo operation oversubscribed for the second day in a row, as $9BN in liquidity requests remained unfulfilled by the $75BN operation, it is perhaps not a surprise that as the funding shortage persists, today's effective fed funds rate printed at 2.25%, which while down from 2.30% yesterday, was for the second day in a row above the top end of the range, in this case by 25bps above the top of the Fed's new rate corridor of 1.75% - 2.00% (when accounting for yesterday's 25bps rate cut).
Furthermore, now that the Fed's Interest on Excess Reserves was cut by 30bps on Wednesday to 1.80%, it means that the effective Fed Funds rate is now a record 45bps above the IOER.

As a reminder, EFF should trade inside of, or at worst, on top of the IOER rate, confirming once again that the Fed's attempts to normalize the market plumbing are failing as the market demands a far more aggressive reserve injection, one in the form of POMO (i.e. QE).

I THINK THE CANARY IN THIS COAL MINE IS REALLY SICK AND THE INJECTIONS ARE NOT WORKING....Liquidity Shortage Getting Worse: Fed's Repo Oversubcribed Even More As Funding Demand Jumps


Liquidity Shortage Getting Worse: Fed's Repo Oversubcribed Even More As Funding Demand Jumps

For those hoping that the dollar shortage and overnight funding crunch would ease on the third day after the G/C repo rate exploded as high as 10%, we have bad news: it has not.
As we warned earlier today, when we previewed the result of today's repo outcome, the only question would be whether the amount of bids submitted into today's operation would be higher or lower than yesterday's $80.05BN to get a sense of whether the funding pressure is easing. The answer: with $83.875BN in total bids submitted, not only was the $75BN operation oversubscribed again, but the total liquidity shortfall rose by almost $4 billion compared to Wednesday morning.
Furthermore, the fact that the operation was again oversubscribed means that once again there was one or more participants who did not get up to €9 billion in the critical liquidity they needed, and that the Fed will see a chorus of demands by everyone (because just like with the discount window "stigma", nobody will dare to be singled out as the party seeking repo funds) to either expand the size of its operations, implement a fixed operation and/or transition to permanent open market operations, i.e. QE, as Powell hinted he may do yesterday.
By comparison this is what yesterday's repo operation looked like:
Both of these are over 50% greater than the $53.15BN repo operation conducted on Tuesday.
What is immediately notable is that except for agency paper, there was a greater use of Treasury ($51.6N to $56.3BN) collateral, while Mortgage-backed dipped slightly ($27.8BN to $26.15BN). Additionally no agency paper was used as collateral in today's repo, down from Wednesday's $0.7BN.
We now await today's effective fed funds print to see if it will again print above the top of the new fed funds range (2.00%), and whether the overnight repo rate will reverse its earlier drop as it is becomes clear that the funding crisis is nowhere near over.
* * *
As the Fed pre-announced late on Wednesday, moments ago the New York Fed open markets desk started its daily overnight repo operation to provide liquidity to the financial system. It comes as funding markets appear to have settled down overnight, with the overnight general collateral repo rate opening at 2.25% before dropping as low as 1.95%-2.00% according to ICAP, while the SOFT rate dropping sharply from the mid-5% to 2.55%, which however remains quite elevated relative to the new Fed Funds range of 1.75%-2.00%
The market will be looking at the amount of repos tendered to the Fed and whether the operation will again be oversubscribed; as a reminder, on Tuesday the repo received $53BN in bids, which jumped 50% on Wednesday to just over $80BN, while the operation remains capped at $75BN. Should the total notional remain in this ballpark it will suggest that funding stress remains.