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Monday, November 18, 2013

COMMUNIST KILLS PRESIDENT JFK AND IT IS DALLAS'S FAULT??NYT: 'City of Hate' Dallas ‘Willed’ the Assassination of JFK


NYT: 'City of Hate' Dallas ‘Willed’ the Assassination of JFK

“...for the self-styled 'Big D,' grappling with the assassination means reckoning with its own legacy as the 'city of hate,' the city that willed the death of the president.”

In the leftist fantasy world of The New York Times, a self-described Marxist did not murder JFK. No, the real murderers were the residents of Dallas—the “city of hate”—who “willed the death of the president.”
The New York Times indulged in an embarrassing and irresponsible example of revisionist history and hate-mongering in its Nov 16 retrospective of the assassination of JFK, “The City with a Death Wish in its Eye.”
In yet another example of the Left having to rewrite history to fit their conservatives-as-the-root-cause-of-all-things-evil metanarrative, the author James McAuley not only tried to erase the real assassin, the self-described Marxist Oswald, but he indicted the entire city of Dallas—filled with “oil men and corporate executives” who saw Kennedy as a “veritable enemy of the state.”
FOR 50 years, Dallas has done its best to avoid coming to terms with the one event that made it famous: the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. That’s because, for the self-styled “Big D,” grappling with the assassination means reckoning with its own legacy as the “city of hate,” the city that willed the death of the president.
McAuley’s damning portrait of the citizens of Dallas consists entirely of a list of liberal clichés: "self-segregated" successful businessman, oil tycoons, and their wives, "homemakers" and "ex-debutantes":
Those “men of Dallas” — men like my grandfather, oil men and corporate executives, self-made but self-segregated in a white-collar enclave in a decidedly blue-collar state — often loathed the federal government at least as much as, if not more than, they did the Soviet Union or Communist China...
For those men, Kennedy was a veritable enemy of the state...
The wives of these men — socialites and homemakers, Junior Leaguers and ex-debutantes — were no different; in fact, they were possibly even more extreme.
The liberal metanarrative grows increasingly fantastic as reality undermines it at every turn. McAuley’s right about one thing though. There is a great deal of “hate” in this article.

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