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Monday, October 21, 2013

Angry Note on a Quadriplegic’s BMW Parked in Handicapped Spot


The Person Who Left an Angry Note on a Quadriplegic’s BMW Parked in Handicapped Spot Probably Didn’t Expect This Result

The angry note left on Matt Milstead’s BMW, which was parked in a handicapped spot, two weeks ago got at least one thing right — but that’s it.
See, the anonymous note-leaver was right that Milstead is a professional. He was even close on Milstead’s age — he’s 36. But Milstead was parked in the handicapped spot at a Grand Rapids, Mich., YMCA on October 9 for a good reason: he was playing wheelchair rugby, according to WOOD-TV.
Milstead is a quadriplegic.
leslie and matt milstead
Leslie and Matt Milstead. A note left on Matt’s car mocking him for parking in a handicapped spot has gone viral. (Image source: Leslie Milstead/Facebook)
“I would love to see your wheelchair!” the note stated. “I’m guessing male 25-35 years professional who thinks he’s got the world by the ass. But I could be wrong.”
And so this person was.
note left on handicapped man's car
Matt Milstead found this note on his car while he was inside a YMCA playing wheelchair rugby. (Image source: Leslie Milstead/Facebook)
The angry note left on Milstead’s car has gone viral since the man’s wife, Leslie, posted her response to it on Facebook:
To the author of the note left on my husband’s car at the David D Hunting YMCA:
I wanted to tell you a little bit about my husband since you took the time to write him in the parking lot last night.
You were so close on the age, he’s actually 36, and he is a professional with a full time job. He is also a quadriplegic, which for him means that he can no longer move his legs or his fingers in either hand. He has no grip.
So, if you are willing to give him your functioning hands and legs for the rest of your life in exchange for his 6-year old BMW and handicapped parking pass, I’m sure he’d make that trade.
As for “having the world by the ass”…you think he’s some arrogant jerk who wants to park his fancy car in a handicapped spot and strut into the YMCA in Grand Rapids, MI because he thinks he’s a bad ass? Why are you so confident that a handicapped person couldn’t be a hard worker who is successful and owns a nice vehicle?
Leslie’s post has been shared more than 750 times.
“It’s kind of ironic the guy was trying to right a wrong. He assumed some jerk had parked in a handicapped spot that shouldn’t be, and so he was really trying. He probably felt like a good person and thought he was doing a good thing, but the problem is he was wrong,” Leslie told WOOD.
While his wife was noticeably upset about the note, Matt told WOOD he was only “puzzled” why someone would leave such a message. He also told the local news station that just because someone drives a car doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be parked in a wheelchair spot, hoping this incident he experienced serves as a lesson for others.
Overall, Leslie said on her Facebook post that her husband “thankfully, just shakes his head at people like you who leave notes on his car.”
Watch WOOD’s report about the note, which the couple never expected would go viral:
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