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Friday, September 6, 2013




TheDC Morning: The Seinfeld Doctrine

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1.) The Seinfeld Doctrine – Someone has finally pinpointed President Obama’s Syria strategy. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Brendan Bordelon reports:
“The U.S. strategy for regime change in Syria amounts to ‘We will topple Assad, yadda yadda yadda, there will be democracy in Syria,’ a former special adviser to the Obama State Department said Thursday. ‘They yadda yadda yadda’d the most important part, which is how to bring stability to Syria,’ Jeremy Shapiro, who returned to the liberal Brookings Institute after a stint on State’s policy planning staff, said at a panel of Washington specialists hosted by Brookings. All five panelists expressed uncertainty over the general strategy being pursued by the Obama administration. Most believed no real plan exists.”
Don’t believe the hype. President Obama has an excellent plan for Syria — really, really he does! — but if you just happen to have an idea for what to do with the country, the White House has asked that you please email HolyShitWeAreInOverOurHeads@whitehouse.gov.

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