A conservative pundit released a video on Sunday predicting President Barack Obama will not be a competent Commander-in-Chief during a major regional war based on what he says is a poor economic record.
Caleb Bonham, a pundit for college news outlet Campus Reform, asks in a Sunday YouTube video, “is President Obama competent?”
To answer the question, Bonham says Americans should judge Obama based on “something he’s supposed to be an expert on”: the economy.
After outlining statistics Bonham says points to a dismal record, he concludes Obama will be a poor Commander-in-Chief should the U.S. be drawn into a major Middle East conflict over Syria.
“The man was elected with zero foreign policy experience,” Bonham says in the video. “If the president is this weak on his strong points, how strong can he possibly be on his weak points? What gives anyone the idea he’ll be competent waging a war against Syria, Iran and Russia?”
It should be noted that Obama has acted as Commander-in-Chief over the armed forces while engaged in conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Bonham made the comments in his weekly YouTube show, “Crossover.”
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