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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Polls: Romney leads Obama 51% to 44% in trust to handling the economy


Sahit Muja: Mitt Romney continues to hold a seven-point lead in voter trust over PresidentObama when it comes to the economy, which by far is the number one voting issue. The candidates remain more closely divided in several other key issues, but voters are shifting towards Romney when it comes to national security.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters trust Romney more when it comes to handling the economy. Forty-four percent (44%) trust the president more.
Where did Obama's "Hope and Change" go? President Obama claims that government can't be fixed from inside and he wants to remain inside. President Obama is a master at getting what he wants by telling other people what they want to hear.
Tragically, " Yes We Can" had disastrous consequences. Obama's hope, hype and mythology, "Yes We Can" has lured tens of millions to vote for Obama in 2008. The hope, hype and mythology is dead. Obama's economic policies are now a nightmare for the U.S economy.
President Obama has fallen tragically short of fulfilling prophetic legacy "Yes We Can", "Change We Can Believe In", "fighting for poor and middle class working people"
President Obama has nothing to run on, so all he can do is attack Romney. The reason that's somewhat effective in polls, is that it keeps Mitt Romney from talking about the economy. President Obama's proposed solution to reducing the deficit, "tax the rich" solution will only fund the government for about 8 days.
The Obama's "Dream" is now being stripped bare and shown for what it is, and what it always in fact has been, is a nightmare for the US economy. President Obama's taxing of the rich plan won't solve the deficit...He could confiscate the entire wealth of America's top 400 wealthiest people $1.7 trillion dollars and it wouldn't put much of a dent in our $16.060 trillion deficit.
To solidify the support of the gay community, President Obama did a last minute endorsement of gay-marriage. To gain the support of the Hispanic community he signed a last minute executive order to create amnesty for a sizable percentage of the illegal immigrants in the US. What's next?
The U.S. economy faces enormous challenges. The Obama administration which is a regulatory burden on business continues to increase rapidly, and heightened uncertainty further increases regulations’negative impact. Fading confidence in the government’s determination to promote or even sustain open markets has discouraged entrepreneurship and dynamic investment within the private sector.
Restoring the U.S. economy to the status of a “free” economy will require significant policy changes to reduce the size of government, overhaul the tax system, and transform costly entitlement programs.
By boosting growth in the private sector, such freedom-enhancing policies are the best hope for bringing down high unemployment rates and reducing public debt to manageable levels. At this calamity time of economical crisis, we need a President with vision to bring our nation out of disaster.
American voters will hold President Obama accountable for his record, they know they're not better off and that it's time to change direction.
Where did that Hope and Change go? Forty-seven million Americans are suffering economic deprivation; US job creation has slowed to a dismal crawl. The unemployment is above 8.1% for 44 months, despite the nearly $6 trillion dollar in Obama's new debt.
Fewer Americans are working today than when President Obama took office.Twenty three million Americans are unable to find jobs or are underemployed. A record 5.4 million workers and their dependents have signed up to collect federal disability checks since President Obama took office.
U.S. debt rose to $16.060 trillion or $140,378 for taxpayers. The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.85 billion per day since Obama became President of the United States of America.
Four years ago, Barack Obama campaigned for president on a promise to cut annual federal budget deficits in half by the end of his term. But Obama's 4 years of deficits total near $6 trillion.
President Obama's plan for dealing with a yearly trillion dollar deficit is : Blame it on Bush, blame it on the Republicans, blame it on Congress, ignore it and let future Presidents and future generations worry about it.
President Obama has record high unemployment, the swelling high record numbers of un and underemployed young people in their 20s and even 30s . President Obama vision for the last four years has basically been to spend more, lots more, and kick the tax bill down the road or claim that the rich people will be forced to pay for it later. This isn't working and the problem is getting worse.
President Obama has a record high poverty rate, record high food-stamp recipients, record high accumulation of National debt, record high foreclosures and record high loss of median family income. Food prices are up 15% . The gas prices has doubled under Obama.
President Obama said if he was elected president, the average American family's yearly health insurance premiums would go down by $2,500. According to the Kaiser Health Foundation's study, the average American family's yearly health insurance premiums have gone UP by more than $2,700 since Obama was elected.
The US lost its perfect AAA credit rating and the U.S slips to number 7 in global competitiveness for business environment under Obama.The U.S Nation's National Security is facing traumatic repercussions from Obama' policies. The U.S Southern border is a sieve, open as a gateway to the most violent criminals.
The US is under siege by terrorist fanatical groups of anarchists across the globe. The attacks on U.S. embassies have escalated across the world. American ambassador killed in Libya.
President Obama was at the "Late Show with David Letterman" and partying it up with the rich Hollywood stars and the rich music stars. President Obama was with "poor people" Jay-Z and Beyoncé a $40,000 a plate, unfortunately He wasn't in the streets of Harlem to see real poor Americans.
The U.S economy is poised on the edge of a fiscal cliff leading from unsustainable debt accumulation. The 2012 election will be determined by the economy, US economic conditions are getting worse. President Obama's actions have let down a country. The greatest country in the world. He has failed to lead, to unite and to take this economy back to greatness. He says one thing and has done another constantly. He is a divisive figure who has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together as he promised.
Obama's desire by actions and words is to punish those who either are trying to achieve or have achieved this. The people of this great country deserve better.
Barack Obama has failed the people of the United States of America
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan vision represents concepts of liberty, freedom, self-reliance, and responsibility. Clear choice for Americans in 2012 election.
Liberty vs dependence, opportunity vs entitlement. Mitt Romney's strength derives from his solid experience in understanding economy, free enterprise and having the vision to help businesses succeed and create jobs.
Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation
Mitt Romney's plan:
1. Energy independence
2. Improve education/School choice
3. Make trade work for America
4. Cut the deficit / Balance the budget
5. Champion small businesses and reduce regulations.
The US economic crisis is rooted in deep government debt and lavishes of government unaffordable and unsustainable basket of social programs on its citizen without regard to there economic or social consequences.
Sahit Muja
New York

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